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Culinary / Massages



Breakfast is served buffet style. Most products are lactose-free.

It consists of :

  • homemade jams, Cómpeta honey and other sweet spreads.

  • yogurt with various cereals, seeds and pollen

  • various types of bread including some own creations

  • fresh fruit juice

  • fresh and dried fruit

  • Andalusian breakfast

  • meat and cheeses

  • eggs as desired

Do you have a different diet or do you have allergies, everything is negotiable.

We try to serve you a fantastic breakfast.


If you would like to have lunch at the B&B, please indicate this after breakfast. We can also prepare a packed lunch for hikers.



A few evenings a week we prepare a 2- or 3-course menu that our guests can participate in. In the morning you can sign up to participate. We try to make a combination of both Spanish and international dishes.


Honesty bar


Outside there is an honesty bar filled with different wines, beer and Belgian and Dutch beers, soft drinks and ice creams.

We also have an extensive gin and tonic list.


If you want to completely relax, you can make use of our massages.

Swedish massage :

The term Swedish massage is especially common in Dutch-speaking and English-speaking countries. Outside of this, the term classical massage is mainly used.

Within the Swedish massage the masseur works almost exclusively with the hands. Techniques performed with forearms and/or elbows (or with other means such as feet) – which do occur in other forms of massage – are not common in Swedish massage.

The Swedish massage distinguishes itself by starting from the anatomy and blood flow direction. Good blood circulation and help with self-healing capacity are the biggest goal in addition to relaxation.

Oil, cream or lotion can be used to reduce the resistance of the skin. It is important to rub it warm in the palm of your hand first and not to apply it cold to the skin to be massaged.

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